Mattia Giacomelli – a globetrotter Chef

Despite his young age – he is only 30 – Chef Mattia Giacomelli can count on a wide series of prestigious experiences and awards.
The professional history of this young and eclectic gastronomic interpreter begins very early. When he was 14 he started his first experiences in a kitchen during the summer season. At the end of his studies at the “Istituto Alberghiero” in Chiavenna he sat off to discover the world.

Mattia remains trustily bound to his great passion: the art cuisine. He sat soon in London to make his first professional experiences and to learn English as well. At the end of his first year’s work he moved to Switzerland for some months to make other experiences. Then he decided to return to England and in 2001 – when he wasn’t 20 yet – he became part of the prestigious staff of the five-starred hotel Le Meridien, led by Chef Fabrizio Cadei. He terminated his contract and then decided to come back home, where mega-chef Antonio Fallini from the Valchiavenna welcomed him in Tuscany, in the luxury Relais & Chateaux Hotel Borgo San Felice.

The know-how acquired with Tuscan cookery took Mattia near Marseille, in France, at the Relais & Chateaux Villa Gallici, directed by Chef Christofer Gavout. His eagerness to explore and learn new things led him to New York, where he stayed for one year. Thanks to his acquaintances and his curriculum vitae he obtained a job in one of the Tribeca restaurants owned by Mr Bob Giraldi. Then at the age of 23 he decided to make another professional experience abroad, this time in Germany, so he moved to Monaco to work at the Via Veneto Italian restaurant. By the time he learned the tricks of the trade and a new language as well – Mattia speaks fluently five idioms – it came the time for him to set off again in 2006. And the destination was Chiavenna.

“My family committed the management of our hotel-restaurant to others for some years but further on the will to manage directly the “Crimea” on our own prevailed again. I liked this challenge since the beginning, even if I cannot deny that it was a total upsetting of the rhythms and habits I was used to until that moment”. Mattia has very clear ideas about the Crimea: his purpose is to perform the traditional cuisine of his land, with an almost fanatical selection of row materials, which he personally chooses from the many suppliers he has known during the years. All this toil is aimed to bring impeccably composed courses on the table, which are never taken for granted because as he explains “when you taste a dish, you do it firstly with your eyes”. There are many possible choices and anyone can afford them.

Researching, studying, and experimenting led him to obtain - at his first participation - the silver medal during the Italian International Cookery competition, promoted by the Italian Cooks Federation. In February he had already won the Day’s Prize (third placing in the absolute final list) at the event “Cook of the Year” at Lariofiere in Erba.